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Sun, Jan 24 Michael John and The Bottom line just completed their new CD titled Family & Friends.
The bands first CD release party will be held at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center on Sunday March 21st.
Mon, Nov 05 Michael John won Best Male vocalist of the year from the All Access Magazine Music Awards
Saturday November 3,2007.
Mon, Oct 01 Michael John & The Bottom Line have been nominated by a cast of judges from All Access Magazine for the following two categories.
The categories are Best Male vocalist and for Best Blues Group/Artist.

"Michael John and The Bottom Line has what it takes with their talent, expertise and spectacular musicianship to put blues music right where it belongs, ON TOP ..." read more »
Mary Rudy, www.MusikReviewz.com

"Michael John & The Bottom Line: Capture the true essence of the blues with crafty execution." read more »
Dale Hill, Music Connection Magazine

"The latest of my California finds comes compliments of veteran blues/rock guitarist, harmonicat, and vocalist Michael John. John and his band the Bottom Line have in recent years become local favorites in the southern California blues scene." read more »
Tom Branson, www.BluesRockers.ws

"This is one smokin', soulful blues band. Lead singer Michael John's vocals have a powerful, sultry resonance that compliment the well-oiled machine that is The Bottom Line." read more »

"This year’s hands down winner is Michael John & The Bottom Line, and it is my pleasure to review a sensational piece of work that is their second album, entitled Good Thing (Basowski Records). ... This album is so well produced and mixed, and the material so well written and performed, that I was surprised that nobody had signed these guys to a long term recording contract. Michael John and The Bottom Line are as real as it gets when it comes to delivering a very funky, very enjoyable blues experience." read more »
Steve Hinrichsen, Blues Bytes

"Michael is a powerful, gutsy vocalist, the band is uniformly excellent, and production is top-notch ... highly recommended!" read more »
John Taylor, Blues On Stage

"I have seen and heard Michael John's vocals, a lot of raw power and emotion, and will readily attest to the legitimacy of this group as an up and coming force in the blues industry."
Jon Hayes, Southland Blues Magazine

"Every once in a while you run across a band that really makes you stand up and take notice ... Michael John and The Bottom Line is the band. Awesome vocals that grab you where it feels good"
DJ Smilestir, Blue Icewater Radio

"Gutty, Deep Vocals, with a Blazing, Rich Guitar pretty much sums it up for Michael John, and you Can't Tell Me any different!"
Jonathan "Oogie" Richards, The Blueshouse KBCS 91.3 FM Bellevue, WA

"When the Animals did "House of the Rising sun" in 1964, it affected contemporary blues. Along with a lot of other changes in popular music, the dramatic quality of that song wove itself into the ongoing blues revival. Michael John's songs have that quality"
Jim Santella, Southland Blues

"Michael John sings with the kind of energy and soul that would make the legendary blues players proud"
BB King's Blues Club Management

"His vocals are powerfully soulful and a pleasure to listen to"
Jim Byrnes, KBGA Radio Missoula, Montana

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